Chelmsford 123 is a British sitcom created by Rory McGrath and Jimmy Mulville for Channel 4. It ran from 9 March 1988 to 20 February 1990 for two seasons and thirteen episodes.

Series summary Edit

Roman governor Aulus Paulinus (Jimmy Mulville) is exiled to the cold, rainy and miserable land of 'Britain' after accidentally insulting the emperor's horse. There, he finds himself battling British chieftain Badvoc (Rory McGrath) for control of the area.

Westphall connection to Chelmsford 123 Edit

In the first episode, "Arrivaderci Roma", the Tardis - the time machine featured in Doctor Who - materialises behind two characters. The Doctor exits, looks around, confused, then gets back in and the Tardis dematerialises. This is especially notable as the show was produced for, and shown on, Channel 4 - not a BBC channel. The Doctor was played by an unnamed actor and was visible only in silhouette.