Killer Instinct is a police procedural created by Josh Berman for FOX. It ran from September 23 to December 2, 2005 for one season.

Series summary Edit

Lt. Matt Cavanaugh (Chi McBride) is in charge of San Francisco Police Department's Deviant Crimes Unit; the definition of 'deviant crimes' is unclear and decided entirely by Cavanaugh. His lead detectives are Jack Hale (Johnny Messner) and Danielle Carter (Kristin Lehman); Carter's response to the ambiguity of their unit is to try to define 'deviance', while Hale remains convinced that it is in the eye of the beholder.

Disputed brand connection in Killer Instinct Edit

Lt. Matt Cavanaugh smokes Morley cigarettes, but they are not the same pack design first appearing in Beverly Hills, 90210 and smoked by the Cigarette Smoking Man in The X-Files. The pack is red with a horizontal white stripe.