Quatermass is a British science fiction and horror miniseries created by Nigel Kneale, initially for the BBC and - after they halted the project - then ITV. It ran from 24 October to 14 November 1979. It followed The Quatermass Experiment, Quatermass II and Quatermass and the Pit and was the last original story to feature the character of Professor Bernard Quatermass.

Series summary Edit

Now retired, Professor Bernard Quatermass (John Mills) leaves his countryside home and returns to London to look for his missing granddaughter. There, he finds the city crumbling and society falling apart; even mankind's continuing interest in the stars fails, as two spacecraft are destroyed by an unknown force. And when that force begins beaming up members of the Planet People, an alien-worshipping cult, Quatermass feels that he must intervene - a decision that may cost him his life, or something even more dear to him...

Parent Edit

Quatermass followed Quatermass and the Pit.