Red Dwarf: Back to Earth is a British three-part miniseries that ran as the ninth season of the science-fiction comedy show Red Dwarf. It was created by Doug Naylor for Dave. It ran from 10 April to 12 April 2009.

Series summary Edit

After discovering that they inhabit an 'invalid dimension', Dave Lister (Craig Charles), Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie), Cat (Danny John-Jules) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) home in on the nearest 'valid dimension', which turns out to be ours. They discover that their lives are just part of a TV series, Red Dwarf, and - worse - that they are to die at the end of the series!

Parent show Edit

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth spun off of Red Dwarf and is regarded by some as its ninth season.