Strange Luck was an American fantasy created by Karl Schaefer for FOX. It ran from September 15, 1995 to February 23, 1996 for one season.

Series summary Edit

Freelance photographer Chance Harper (DB Sweeney) is cursed - or possibly blessed - with 'strange luck' that always strands him in the right place at the wrong time, forcing him to deal with all kinds of disasters, crimes and oddness. But Chance can't turn his back on these odd events, and so leaps in feet first to help the unfortunate - even if it means bad news for him. He's helped in his misadventures by his photo editor and ex-girlfriend, Audrey Westin (Pamela Gidley), and the waitress at his favorite coffee house, Angie (Frances Fisher).

Westphall connections in Strange Luck Edit

  • It's mentioned that Chase has sold photographs to the Eerie Examiner, the newspaper featured in the show Eerie, Indiana, which was also created by Karl Schaefer.
  • In "Brothers Grim", Chance's brother tells him that if he ever gets in any trouble he should contact Fox Mulder of the FBI, one of the main characters in The X-Files. The producers of Strange Luck actually got permission from Chris Carter to use the name and possibly may have done a true crossover if the series had been renewed.